Fornebubanen - Norways largest metro project

For many years, Fornebu has been an area of growth with high activity, both in business and residential development. With thousands of travelers to and from Fornebu daily, the area has long needed a sustainable public transport solution.

Picture : Zaha Hadid Architects og A_Lab

The backbone of urban development in Fornebu

The Fornebu metro will complement the existing subway network from Majorstuen to Fornebu, and the project is the largest extension of the subway since the 1960s and 70s. The metro will contribute to a comprehensive strengthening of the public transport offering in the Oslo area and with a capacity of about 8000 passengers per hour, the Fornebu metro will be an efficient relief for the road network.

The line will be the backbone in the development of the Fornebu area, which is to be expanded with several thousand new homes and workplaces - and provisions will be made for sustainable and future-oriented urban development along the route.

Picture : Zaha Hadid Architects og A_Lab
Picture : Zaha Hadid Architects og A_Lab
Picture : © 2020 Nightnurse Images, Zürich
Future-oriented solutions

The line will be 8 km long and will entirely be located underground. There will be six underground stations; Skøyen, Vækerø, Lysaker, Fornebuporten, Flytårnet, and Fornebu. At Fornebu, a station and operational base for train equipment will be constructed. The base will consist of a building of about 45,000m2 with stabling tracks, workshops, administrative facilities, etc. The line will incorporate the new CBTC signal system, and the design has focused on smart and future oriented solutions that facilitate the best possible traffic flow.

Engaged expert resource

Jotne Mobility has contributed to the project with engineering and project management- and with its expertise, has had a strong focus on holistic design solutions, interaction between all designing disciplines, and efficient operational conditions for the end-user. In an early phase of the design, various concepts were developed and sifted to then optimize the chosen solution. Jotne Mobility worked closely here with COWI and Multiconsult in the Fornebu Metro Design Group( PGF).

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