New long-distance trains - towards an improved service

To maintain the current long-distance train service, it has been decided that the material which is nearing the end of its technical lifespan will be replaced with new material to provide a future-oriented service on Norwegian rails.

Picture : Stadler

Swiss quality

Hence, in March 2023, Norwegian Trains entered into an agreement with the Swiss train manufacturer Stadler for the purchase of 17 new long-distance trains to replace locomotives and carriages used on long-distance routes. The agreement also includes options to buy a total of 100 trains to eventually replace older motor carriage sets used on long-distance routes and for future increased long-distance train capacity.

Picture : Stadler
Picture : Stadler
Picture : Stadler

Nordic flirt

The new type of train is specially adapted for Norwegian conditions and has been named FLIRT Nordic Express. In addition to regular passenger seats, the new trains will also feature reclining seats, flexible sleeping compartments, a bistro, family offers, and ample luggage space. The train sets will consist of eight carriages and will have a top speed of 200 km/h. Trains are being purchased for both electrified and non-electrified sections.

Production start 2024

Norwegian Trains, along with the supplier, are engaged in a design process with adaptations and adjustments before the trains go into production. Train operators and other stakeholders are also involved in this phase. The trains are to go into production in 2024 and will come to Norway for testing in 2025. The first trains are scheduled to enter service on the Bergen Line from the end of 2026.

Engaged expertise

Jotne Mobility has been involved in several phases of the New Long-Distance Trains project. In the early phase, we assisted with railway and project-related support in documentation and specifications. In the implementation phase, we are now assisting with railway professional resources leading the project's quality and HSE work. In addition, Norwegian Trains are assisted by Jotne Mobility with resources within RAMS and approval processes through our collaboration with Certifer Solutions.


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